Concrete protection/hydrophobing

Concrete has the property of absorbing and releasing water. This water-absorbing and water-releasing ability can lead to several aesthetic issues.

We regularly visit the residents of apartments. A frequently heard request is the protection of concrete against various weather conditions and contamination caused by users themselves. This includes concerns such as efflorescence, pyrite oxidation, moss and algae growth, accidental spills of items like wine, ice creams, and so on.

Compañero recommends using Moxilon® and/or Colorfresh® protect to safeguard concrete against contamination for years. Additionally, the ease of cleaning the concrete surface after applying Moxilon® and/or Colorfresh® protect is a significant factor for us in recommending these products.

Here you can find information about Moxilon Protect, and here about Colorfresh®.


The effect of these two hydrophobing agents is shown schematically below:

moss and algae


lichen on precast concrete