Examples of GIAN Concrete Art (click on the photo)

GIAN Concrete Art relief in concrete

GIAN Concrete Art is a novel technique for creating symbols, numbers, letters, imaginative designs, and even images in concrete.

Compañero has extensively searched for an economically appealing solution to enhance concrete facade elements. This has been achieved through a computer-controlled cutting technique. This approach offers significant design flexibility.


Through computer-controlled cutting, both the GIAN texture mat and cement-retarding paper can be used to accurately replicate your design in concrete.

By cutting the designs entirely from the GIAN 100 smooth texture mat and affixing them to the bottom of the concrete mold, a recessed or raised texture is created in the concrete.


Texture, drawing, tekst, symbols in concrete


Standard configurations

The GIAN 100 is a smooth texture mat with a thickness of 2, 3, or 5 mm, featuring a special top layer that provides the concrete with a visually smooth and nearly pore-free surface. Additionally, other GIAN structural mats can be used to add extra accents to the concrete. Numerous combinations are possible.

Exposed aggregate concrete using cement-retarding paper

Using cement-retarding paper, a design in the form of an image or text is incorporated into the concrete. The design freedom with cement-retarding paper is extensive; even small details in photos become visible in the concrete.


Texture, drawing, tekst, symbols in concrete
Texture, drawing, tekst, symbols in concrete


Design submission

We kindly request to receive the designs in a contour line drawing (Illustrator) format such as EPS, PDF, AI, or DXF files. With these files, the computer-controlled cutting machine can directly execute the task, eliminating any additional design costs.