A special form of aquaplaning can occur when walking. Motorists are familiar with this phenomenon: when you drive fast over a wet road, a thin film of water can form between the surface and the tyres. As a result, the car briefly loses traction and cannot be controlled.
The same phenomenon occurs when a person walks on, for example, a smooth wet surface. A thin film of water between the shoe sole and surface causes extremely low frictional resistance, resulting in an increased risk of slipping.

Aquaplaning on steps, walkways, balconies and other walking surfaces can be combated effectively. The first step in this process is to ensure that the water under the shoe sole is drained away quickly. That is why almost all GIAN textures ‘emboss’ small channels into the concrete, in which the shoe sole can help wick away the water. The second step in the process of giving concrete excellent anti-slip properties is the addition of a micro-relief texture. This can be created by pressing a GIAN texture mat with a sandblast texture into the concrete. The sandblast texture gives aquaplaning absolutely no chance to develop.

For optimum anti-slip safety on concrete surfaces, we recommend textures that combine drainage channels with a micro-relief texture.