About Compañero

Partner in concrete patterns

Compañero is an independent Dutch company specializing in the production of anti-slip textures for precast concrete as well as the design of facade patterns using the same material.

Compañero is the Spanish word for partner. With our name, we express that we are much more than a development and sales company of innovative products. We aim to be a sustainable partner to our clients. We are open to discussions with our clients and work together to find the best possible solution through a collaborative approach.

Safety cast in concrete through the GIAN texture mat

Working alongside architects, residents, precast concrete companies, and contractors, we have identified safety desires and requirements for tread textures. Subsequently, we used the latest techniques to develop a solution that meets these specifications. Compañero's innovation is a user-friendly, exceptionally thin, and durable texture mat that we have introduced to the target audience under the brand name GIAN.

Thanks to the generous width and unlimited length, our extensive range of GIAN texture mats can be virtually seamlessly adhered to wooden or steel concrete molds. These texture mats can withstand numerous concrete pours, providing a significant economic advantage.

Balcony, concrete and anti-slip, anti-slip
Concrete elements without seams in the walking surface. Due to the long length and generous width of the GIAN texture mats, there are practically no seams in the concrete surface.



Photo impression: the human element central

Inspired by this craftsmanship and enthusiasm, we designed the GIAN texture mats.
br>Creating something useful together brings a lot of (work) satisfaction. Speed, precision, and minimizing waste are the key factors in the precast concrete industry. These can only be achieved through the craftsmanship and enthusiasm of the employees.


One of the fundamental ideas behind the development of the GIAN texture mats was: placing the human at the center of the precast concrete manufacturing process.
That was also the reason why we asked photographer Fabienne de Boer to capture several skilled workers during their daily tasks.
These shots were taken at various precast concrete companies.


Photo-album: FabiennedeBoer Photography